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Painting your house is inevitable; it has to be be done regularly to restore it's fading glory and protect its beauty. Though there are many qualified painters in Lexington, Kentucky, you are only guaranteed the best service by contracting a reputable company. How do you choose the best interior house painter quote that will not only guarantee the best services, but also save you money? Here are five tips .

1. Proper Timing

Are you under pressure to get the paint work done as soon as possible or you can be flexible? Especially during the peak seasons, don't rush as you will be charged more. If you can wait, have the property be painted during the low seasons of winter. Most painting companies will definitely not mind offering a discount if you don't push them into completing the work within strict deadlines. 

2. Properly Prepare the Rooms

Proper preparation from your end is very important when asking for an interior house painter quote. Some people sit back and wait till the time the painters show up to start moving furniture and household items. The time wasted doing this can be saved by having these rooms empty. As you approach the painting company, try to find out if you will get a cheaper estimate in case you choose to move the things yourself. Most painters don't mind doing it, but that will be cleverly concealed in the quote. 

3. Leave the Paint Choice to the Painter

Most established painting companies are supplied the best paints by paint manufacturers. Due to the large volumes of purchases, they sometimes get discounts. So long as the paint used is a renowned brand, then let the painter handle the rest per your preferences. 

4. Compare Different Quotes

To safeguard yourself from exorbitant charges, get more than one interior house painter quote. This is especially recommended if you are engaging a painting company in Lexington, Kentucky for the first time. However, ensure that you compare quotes from companies with similar credentials or you may be comparing apples to mangoes without knowing it. There is no harm in asking for a discount; try to find out if it is possible to get a discount assuming you were to contract and pay them the same day. Many people have used this trick and it has worked perfectly. There is no harm in asking.

5. Go for a Complete Package

You might only be interested in painting the living room. However, if you do the math on the cost of painting all the rooms with just one interior house painter quote, you will realize that though it might cost you a bit more, you end up saving a substantial amount of money. It is even better if the company offers extra services such as cabinet refinishing, epoxy floor renewal, deck staining and coating, or popcorn ceiling removals, drywall repairs, among others. It is all about economies of scale.

You can easily use the above tricks to save on your next interior house painter quote. However, don't let the price compromise the quality of work by just hiring the cheapest. Insist on getting the highest value for your money, which will only be assured by working with the best painting company in Lexington, Kentucky.

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