Cabinet Painting

A kitchen cabinet (or any other cabinet) painting project is fairly straightforward although it is labor intensive, and it follows a consistent process I will share visually below.

Here are some pictures of kitchens we’ve recently transformed to give you an idea of what can happen, and the stunning new look and feel painting cabinets can make.

Here’s one from oak plywood to white.

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

And here is another from oak plywood to espresso.

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

This particular kitchen makeover cost $3,700, all labor and materials included. That is an average price range for a kitchen pictured above. Why so expensive? It’s a labor intensive process.

Here’s what we do:
1. We remove all the doors (and hardware) and drawer fronts.
2. We set up a spray shop in your garage where we sand, caulk, and prep all the doors and drawer fronts (on both sides).

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

3. Then we spray a coat of oil-based primer on all those doors and drawer fronts so that the paint will adhere to the poly (and not scratch off over time).

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

4. Once the oil primer dries, we spray two coats of the finish paint on the doors and drawer fronts.

Kitchen and Cabinet Painting Lexington

5. Meanwhile, we follow the same process (oil primer coat, 2 coats of finish) on all the face frames and side panels in the kitchen.


6. When every thing is dried and cured, we reinstall all those doors, drawer fronts, and hardware (hinges, pulls, knobs, etc.).
It’s not an inexpensive transformation, but wow, just look at what it can become. And it’s much less expensive than new cabinets.

I hope this helps you think through your options for your cabinets.

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